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Temporomandibular Joint 


Our body is the most mobile joint in the jaw joint, the bones of the skull and the lower jaw is formed. A disc that acts as a barrier between the two bones is available and allows the bones to move the harmonious functioning. Disk, this complex consisting of the lower jaw and the skull is limited with the help of a capsule is held by and some muscle bundles. 



Maxillofacial surgery, prosthetics, orthodontics and is located in the common area of psychology because the jaw joint disorders is an area that requires detailed and comprehensive examination. In particular, pain, noise presence of limitation in mouth opening and joint complaints in the presence of bass when the necessity arises intervention. Maximum as a factor; gnashing of teeth, chewing on one side, a long time dentist practices, incompatible prosthesis, stress and trauma can be counted. 



To intervene at an early stage that the high rate of success in this field, requires a very high patience. Plaque night beginning with the simplest cases, by weight of the applications may yield surgical requirements.

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Send your X-ray film

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