General Anesthesia

What is general anesthesia? 


Colloquially known as Anaesthetic General Anaesthesia are provided by a combination of 3 main groups of drugs. 

1 Hypnotic drugs help patients with transient loss of consciousness, 

2 narcotic analgesics (morphine-like pain killers) to undergo an operation bileağrısız though the patient is unconscious, 

3 Muscle relaxant drugs (Curare) all muscles in the body by loosening bircerrah comfortable environment is provided. Muscle relaxant with the use of all muscles, respiratory providing respiratory muscles, including temporarily paralyzed by the shock and the endotracheal tube we call a small sterile tube, the patients nefesboru to (trachea), the patients inhalation anesthesia uzmanıkontrol the anesthesia equipment (breathing apparatus) will be provided. 


General anesthesia is more Oxygen inhalation / air or oxygen / nitrous mixture and also the volatile agents (Sevorane Etc..) Is provided with gases like. 

Complications of anesthesia 


Recent advances in medicine with side effects of drugs used in anesthesia are few and are rapidly excreted from the body. In addition, current medical technology, patient monitoring and anesthesia equipment needed all the vital signs of the patient can be monitored very closely. For these reasons, it is in good hands and under appropriate conditions, as long as anesthesia (general or sedation) connected 

complications are extremely rare. Every anesthetist is most afraid of; patient is tocol. If vomiting occurs because the patient under general anesthesia and the patient vomit into the lungs and passes extremely severe pneumonia which can be fatal to the lungs (pneumonia) can cause. Therefore, our patients at least 8 

Open hours (such as fasting) strongly want to be. The first rule of minimizing complications the patients pre-op (before surgery) anesthesia examination in a detailed manner is dependent on. 

Pre-op Anesthesia Inspection 


Patients who come to our hospital for dental treatment to be carried out before, after planned in the respective sections are examined preoperatively anesthesia. During anesthesia examination, the patients detailed CV (previously the surgery or disease, regularly used drugs etc..) And physical examination is done. 

Required tests are given after the surgery appointment. 

Groups of patients who underwent general anesthesia and sedation 


Children and adults can explore in. For five patients. 

1 in 4 children under-way to convince this group of children with dental treatment is very difficult. 

2 children or adults with developmental delay 

3 severe phobia (fear) of adult patients with 

4 surgical procedures requiring general anesthesia (bone grafting, bone cysts, etc.). 

5 can not be done with local anesthesia in a single session of the surgical procedure a very short time (2-3 hours) you want to be a group of patients under general anesthesia 

Children with General Anesthesia for Dental Treatment 


In children, dental treatment under general anesthesia (anesthesia) may be performed under. Especially in patients 6 years of age or disability is not preferred. Consciousness during general anesthesia is closed problem, especially for children living in harmony and completely painless dental treatment can be completed in a single session. Dental treatment under general anesthesia in children with all teeth in the mouth include requiring treatment. so 

all at one time during general anesthesia for dental treatment can be completed in a few hours. After general anesthesia is usually required controls and does not require hospitalization after an intervention when it is discharged the same day. 

Dental treatment under general anesthesia in children What is the advantage? 


The greatest advantage of dental treatment under general anesthesia in patients with incompatible arousing any fear of treatment can be made​​. Another important advantage is that all dental treatment can be completed at one time. 


General Anesthesia Is it harmful? 


All the risks and side effects of medical treatments are available. As with general anesthesia; dental chair in the treatment of a child who does not want to make; can not be treated as the risks associated with teeth, as well as of the related risk behavior during dental treatment are available. Taking all measures that are important for each treatment and the least harmful way to monitor the healthiest. As a result the optimal 

treatment for oral and general health status of all the risks should be assessed. 

Dental treatment under general anesthesia, where and how is it made? 


Full teşşekküll dental treatment under general anesthesia in the operating theater, specialist doctors in the control of general anesthesia is done by dentists. Performed under general anesthesia for dental treatment using a specially crafted mobile dental unit complete all dental treatments can be performed. 

General anesthesia for dental treatments affect you? 


No adverse effects of general anesthesia for dental treatment are not available. Unlike that no communication with the patient for dental treatment can be performed in close proximity to mükemel. 

Who general anesthesia can be done? 


General anesthesia, without any chronic illness that affects the overall health and in terms of general anesthesia after being examined by specialist doctors may be made to the appropriate person. 

How long does dental treatment under general anesthesia? 


Dental treatment under general anesthesia, the number of teeth to be treated and do vary according to the treatment procedure. Usually lasts 1-3 hours. 

After general anesthesia is necessary to pay attention to what? 


In the rest room after general anesthesia to general anesthesia doctor tarafındanhasta made ​​all the checks; is under control of a few hours to a day. 

The control associated with dental appointments should be a regular point. At this stage the important factors that lead to the earlier dental disease to recurrence after treatment; about diet and oral hygiene is to implement the advice of a dentist.

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