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In general damage occurred in the soft layer of the tooth; teeth were pulled in legacy applications. However, in todays technology applied to the teeth with root canal treatment, tooth extraction has ceased to be the only solution now. 


Why is Root Canal Treatment? 


If you live in the root canal of the tooth pulp tissue or other name with nerves, inflammation, or if you need root canal treatment is unable to maintain viability. 

Because of this tissue in the bodys ability to repair and renew itself like other tissues is not. Deep caries, tooth fillings done on the teeth, such as cutting operations; A fracture of the tooth pulp inflammation and can lead to cracks. In addition to trauma to the teeth, tooth decay if not any crack or pulp can lead to inflammation and damage. Inflamed pulp if left untreated, can cause pain and abscesses. 


How do you know that you need to Root Canal Treatment? 


* Hot and cold sensitivity against the long-term 

* The pain occurs when I chew or inability to chew comfortable 

* Self starters onset of pain, especially at night, 

* Change the color of the tooth, swollen lymph nodes in the region near tooth pain or palpable swelling in 


Who will do the Root Canal Treatment? 


All dentists channels and learn to apply the basic principles of treatment. 

But the general dentist who specializes in root canal treatment patients usually are directed at Endodontis. 

How to Recover the tooth root canal therapy? 

The tooths root canal dentist in the inflamed or damaged pulp (vascular-nervous package) brings, 

Clear the careful and thoughtful after shaping the root canal is filled root canal. Fill your tooth after root canal treatment or porcelain veneers are made. After all these operations, the tooth continues to serve as your other teeth. 


Apparent channel when treating pain? 


With modern anesthesia techniques and ingredients are minimized during treatment of pain. Several days after treatment may be pain or tenderness in the teeth. 

Channel start their treatment after acute flare-ups attempted aggravated inflammation resulting from infection seen in this case should contact your physician with appropriate medical treatment for pain relief aşlayabilirsiniz.t this complaint may be recommended by your physician. 


All Teeth Root Canal Treatment done? 


Some teeth with root canal treatment may not be recoverable. Channels can not be entered, root fractures in the absence of adequate bone support, or the tooth to be restored too far gone are the main causes. 

Root Canal Treatment Does Kill Dam? 


"Root canal tooth kills the idea that" reflect the truth. Get the living tissue inside the tooth with root canal treatment, tooth after it becomes insensitive to heat and cold, but from the jaw bone and surrounding tissue with blood vessels or nerves and bones in the task continues to hold. After the treatment to be very comfortable with the help of a suitable filler or restoration can chew or you can use your teeth as prosthetic foot. 

Root canal treatment, the dentist so tired most of the economic benefits, but it is a quite humble in the face of fatigue is willing treatment option. The dream of every dentist, but effective and secure manner in a shorter time to complete the root canal. nickel titanium rotary files to a special, high-calcified or curved root canal therapy is designed for. 

Tapered progressive, patented flute design provides the flexibility and efficiency consistent, successful cleaning and conditioning. 


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