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How to use your new prosthesis

Installing your new dentures in the mouth to Buying 1: 


Your first reaction is a resounding objects in your mouth, lips and teeth to be pushed forward 

You will not feel like a big. The first two weeks of your prosthesis tactics that feeling slowly 

will be lost. Probably will increase your saliva before. Within a few days after saliva 

You will return to normal secretion. The upper dentures will feel that your abundance. This is normal and will be discussed later. The best way to get used to a prosthesis for 24 hours for the first two weeks is to keep your mouth! 


Then, the tissues to rest when you and your doctor need to remove dentures that 

You can decide. Remove your prosthesis will usually asleep at night. When you remove your prosthesis deterioration in water for a few hours wait. If you have a dog at home, dog bone prosthesis would think would be a good idea to keep your prosthesis in the sealed container. 


2 Learn to Speak with a new prosthesis: 


  Position your tongue, your dentures will be different than your normal teeth. this condition 

While talking, hissing or whistling sound may cause. A good way to practice your language in the new position for a few days is read aloud. In doing so, your language will educate and-S ---, Shi ---, The O --- and you will hear that voice come out better. 


3 Learn to eat with new dentures: 


  Learn to eat with new dentures will be an acquired skill, and like all skills acquired it takes time, patience and practice will require. Learn how to eat with a new prosthesis may require weeks or months. Undoubtedly, the corn cob meal, an apple to bite hard all similar foods to eat or may never be possible. With the front teeth biting hard foods that require action to be taken will be the most trouble. 


4 Tips to eat with new dentures: 


a. First, use your front teeth to bite. Food with the front teeth instead of the front teeth to bite 

toward the arc (eye teeth to) pull. 

b. Eat smaller pieces that you used to always precise and at the same time with both sides of your mouth, try chewing. 

c. Chewing hard foods or meat easier to chew before you start with the food. Also, a 

for you to be embarrassed when problems arise, favorite foods, try eating at home, not outside. Sac is not new denture denture wearers lettuce salad suffers of eating. 


Also eating with your new dentures will take longer than youll realize. As time progresses, you will begin to make it better. At first easy to chew foods to be eaten will be useful in two ways: 


1 with the lips and tongue muscle coordination is necessary to control the prosthesis 

will provide. 

2 Then, in order to defeat tougher food gums under dentures 

will harden. 


5 To install your new prosthesis: 


In the upper denture prosthesis when manufacturing our goal is to provide stability while the lower denture retention. 




In certain sizes and shapes of the upper crest of the prosthesis, which provides for better adhesion. 

Generally, the higher the crest of conservatism that will be as good (and vice versa). In this case, the examination will be held later retrieving or measure will be discussed. Upper denture retention, no matter how much, when faced with lower natural teeth would be difficult to hold the prosthesis. Irregular or missing natural teeth in the background will be especially true if there is. 

ALT Prostheses: 


Our aim here is not conservatism, stability. This is because: 

- Many people will be sufficient to provide the conservatism does not have a crest. 

- The lower jaw is shaped like a horseshoe, a lower denture will sit as the upper palate 

are not available. 

- While eating the lower jaw jaw is moving. 

- Language is the source of the biggest problems in the lower jaw! If you get used to chew with missing teeth for a while, 

You will develop a set of language habits. Old habits so that you can use your prosthesis 

You will need to change. 


As mentioned previously, the jaw takes no time will be tight and language always will push your prosthesis. 

Here the skills required is the ability to keep your prosthesis with your tongue. Again, time, patience and practice 

You will need!!! 

6 New Denture Problems can live with 


A. Cough and Sneeze: 


When you cough or sneeze, your mouth probably dash off your new dentures 

you will want. To avoid this, keep your hand in front of your mouth, you need to be ready. 

Shouting or singing will also want to go oral prostheses. Again, time, patience 

and will need to practice!! 


B. gag: 


Rear extension to provide a sleep conservatism to be put into the mouth of an upper denture discomfort 

can be created. This occurs for three reasons retching feeling. 

1 of the prosthesis is too long and moving side touches the palate. 

2 in the upper back area of ​​the prosthesis is too thick and collected saliva here. 

There are 3 extreme gag reflex. 


Undoubtedly 1 and 2 problems can be solved by your doctor. If 3 is up to you!! 

Your doctor rear extension of upper dentures check and is not in contact with the soft palate 

decides to enter and spit back at you again that if you put curbs set retching feeling 

will wake up. In this case, you need to: 


When retching feeling Remove dentures if you think that you need to remove. Prosthesis and wash your mouth with cold water and immediately refit. Your dentures feeling of retching until now uyandırmayınca will need to repeat this process for days. This problem with the time, patience and practical factors will be added to the durability factor. 

C. Food tasting: 


All the taste receptors on the tongue, since the closure of the palate of a persons taste in acrylic 

should not affect the senses. However, most of the new denture wearer patients after implantation of prostheses 

not getting from the food taste like old complain. This gradually to normal 

will return. 

Painful 7 Points 


With new prosthesis is normal for some sore spots! I sit dentures to gums equal 

They do not apply pressure and sore spots form. 

This usually occurs within the first 2-3 weeks. During this period, replacements for the healing of sore points 

If you think that you need to remove the adjustment Call your doctor for an appointment. doctor 

prostheses and implants will still be set quickly becomes comfortable to use. Painful points 

Do not remove your dentures for a long time to get used to relieve other purpose than to extend your period 

will not work. 

8 Product Clear your new prosthesis will: 


There are many good denture cleaning agent on the market. Your doctor these issues with you 

will discuss. For other questions about your new prosthesis, or if you have problems, please call. 


Learn to get used to your new dentures and eating requires a joint effort with the patients doctor.

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