1-) WHow many implants are placed every month in DentEurope?
Generally 70 to 80 implants in a month.

2-) Why in your clinic, the implants and ceramic crowns are so cheap in comparison to United Kingdom, Germany, France or Switzerland? Is there really no quality loss?

No, there is absolutely no quality loss. We can say that there are three reasons why the dental tratment prices in Europe are so expensive:

a) high labor costs
b) high staff costs
c) high tax revenue

3-) What type of implants and materials uses Dent. Emin Şimşek?

All the implants contain 100% titanium, are in principle almost identical, only the forms of implants are made differently.  Dent. Emin Şimşek only uses the ones which have the international German certificate of "EUROCAT Institute for Certification and Testing". This institute signs the "ISO 13485" certification and "CE" certification. The other materials (such as ceramic, etc.) are made in Germany, Switzerland, U.S.A and Japan.

4. How long should I wait for merging of implants (osseointegration) ?

- Under normal circumstances, it is needed to wait throughout 4-6 months for a successful merging (osseointegration).

5. After situating, is there any risk of losing some of the implants?

- Some patients (%5) can lose implants. To prevent this fact, there are some rules that you should meticulously conform:

a) Alcohol, tobacco and its derivatives (cigar, cigarettes etc.) should not be used throughout 14 days following the situating of the implants.

b) During merging (osteointegration) process, for 3-4 months, solid foods must not be eaten, liquid and soft foods (soup, puree, yogurt,fruit juice, milk etc.) should be preferred.

c) Implant covers should not be tampered with tongue.

d) Drugs that are given should be used as recommended and on time.

e) Implant parts should be well protected from any pressure and hit.

   There are 4 types of mandible (I, II, III, IV). Implant losses are seen especially in III. and IV. type of mandible. %5 loss is scientifically accepted as normal.

6. Which steps should be followed while loss of implant?

- While loss of the implant which is under guarantee, a new one is situated in place of the former. If integration of other implants are ensured successfully and you just lost 1 or 2 implants, we can renew the lost implants by situating prosthesis bridgeworks without waiting 3-4 months again.

7. During merging process, can I use a stable temporary prosthesis?

- As far as your mandible form allows, we can situate a temporary prosthesis that you can use throughout this process. But this prosthesis has aesthetics purpose and can never be used for chewing.

8. Which languages can Dent. Emin Şimşek and Dr.Dana Corina speak?- Dr. Emin Şimşek can speak German, Swiss German, English and Turkish.

- Dr. Dana Corina Schmidt can speak German, English and Romanian.

Besides, in our institute that is in Turkey, we have a French translator.

9. Can I pay the treatment price as British Pound or Euro?

- Yes, you can pay your treatment price as Pound, Euro or Swiss Francs. You can pay for the prices up to 1000 ? by Visa or Master Card. As another choice, you can pay via Western Union or wire transfer. For two stepped treatments, you can pay for the implant prices at first step, and you can pay for the prosthesis prices at second step.

10. What should have done if a probable reaction occurs?

- Except bashes that occur as results of accidents or falls, any reaction does not occur about implants. It has been seen that if you have diabetes, implants can be short-lived. Except that, implant feels like your own tooth. The first implant treatment was done in 1970 and the patient still uses implants without any problem. If you take care of your implants regularly, you can use them longer than 15 years.

11. What should I do if I need any operation after the treatment?

- A certificate of guarantee is given to you after the treatment. Under the circumstances of certificate, we invite you to the institute of our cooperator s, Dr. Dana Corina Schmidt; or to the institute that is in Turkey, depending on importance of your problem or need.(Your hotel expenditures will be paid by us according to certificate of guarantee, but not the airplane tickets)

12. Can I buy my plane ticket on my own? What should I do to get an appointment for my treatment?

- Towards your want you can buy the ticket on your own. We give priority to patients who are come from abroad, so we immediately start your treatment on the day you come or the next day. To get an appointment, it is enough to send an e-mail or phone us.

13. Can I come with my family or friends?

- Of course, it is your choice. If you let us know, we can make a reservation as you want. (Lodging costs of your companions are not supplied by us)

14.  How many airports are there in Izmir?

- There is only one airport in Izmir. Its name is "Adnan Menderes Airport" and its international code is "ABD".

15. What are the differences between 3 star hotel and 4 star hotels?

- In four star Hotel Saruhan, there are outdoor swimming pool and satellite broadcasting on addition than 3 star Hotel Arma. Except these, both of the hotels have warm water, TV, mini bar, air conditioner, breakfast service, free wireless network. Hotel Saruhan is 7km away from city center, so we recommend our patients Hotel Arma, specially in winter,  which is in the city center and just 250 meters away from our institute.

16. How long should I stay in Turkey?

- Under normal circumstances, 3-4 days enough for the first step of implant treatments (situating of implants). The second step of the treatment (situating of prosthesis teeth) takes 7-9 days. 

17. I have amalgam fillings and I want them to be removed. Can I get them done in Turkey?

- Removing of amalgam fillings is a demanding work. We can offer different solutions (photopolymerization, inlay or crown) according to shapes of spaces.

  If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail that informs your fixed phone number, so we can call you and answer your questions more quickly.

Thank you for your concern to our institute. We will be glad to see you among our reference patients.


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Send your X-ray film

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