Who are we?

Dentist Dr Emin Simsek, born in Bern Switzerland, is the chief Dentist/Oral Surgeon in DentEuropa Dental Clinic. Since 1997, Mr. Simsek and his team brought patients from Europe in his dental clinic in Turkey.

Dentist Emin Simsek is a member of the dental associations in Istanbul and Mannheim thus he can perform at both places Dental treatments.

A well-kept beautiful mouth and healthy teeth are for all people absolutely essential for their physical and social well-being but hardly anyone feels the stay at the dentist as something pleasant.

With the newly developed method, the gingiva must not be opened full as originally.

There is no seam after implantation.With the direct method of implantation, the patient does not feel unnecessary pain and the gingiva must not be sewn up, so the risk of unnecessary gingival infection and wounds are prevented.

With bright and friendly decorated rooms, comfortable atmosphere, accompanied by a gentle relaxing music, we want to simplify dental treatments for our patients. The high quality is enabled by precise work by our competent dental technicians and with our medically well-equipped dental clinic.

Also our friendly team with English, German and French language skills will guide you through the treatment. 

We are working with very high quality materials such as gold, zirconium, and ceramic and apply latest medical techniques in the manufacture of prostheses for to ensure absolute wearing comfort.

Send your X-ray film


Send your X-ray film

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