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Laser Dental Treatment



Much of the medical field, as it enters and in many areas in dentistry are intertwined by laser. Hard and soft tissue, especially as used in our field of laser cavity preparation filling, root canal treatment, whitening teeth, gum treatment and provides an important advantage in surgical applications. 

And especially in the treatment of surgical bleeding gums to create a field and after the procedure to be kept at a minimum level of pain and edema have quite an impact is defended. Embedded teeth extractions, root-end resection, soft tissue and implants used in combination with laser correction, offers our patients a high level of comfort. In particular, during and after implant aesthetic planned to provide a work area on behalf of patients and physicians implant surgery is quite easy. 



Laser-Assisted Seamless Implant Treatments 


Used to overcome the lack of dental practice dental implants, surgical incision made ​​in the area of the implant will be inserted to display or improved techniques through applying the method of cutting and suturing of the gum can also be done. Can be completed in a maximum of 10 minutes without any bleeding 

Implants also called as Flapless nearly 15 years for the patient safely applied this method has many advantages. Techniques for the implementation of advanced imaging methods such as pre-processing with the Tomography Digital Dental implants will be placed on the bone and the method detailed examination administered by a physician skilled in the art would be helpful. Transactions by patients is much easier to make teeth cleaning or fillings are considered. Flapless technique of implant applications, hence the bleeding from the gums without interruption and without removal is done. Without the help of laser cut in the gum tissue is removed in the thickness of the implant and the implant is placed in the housing at one time, even if it is suitable bone implant coating can be done in the same session. 



As the advantages of seamless implant; 

- Absence of pain and bleeding 

- Gingival incision to be made thus needing stitches in atmaya 

- Avoid the pain and swelling after the procedure 

- Compared to the classical methods of processing time is much shorter 

- In appropriate cases and to start on the same day of the prosthesis thus be considered as the waiting time of the disappearance. 

More detailed information on the subject from the relevant specialist doctor can get.

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