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Childrens Dental Treatments

Milk teeth begin to take from 6 months. When the child reaches the age of 2.5 drive is completed. However, due to genetic factors or later there may be too early riding. The symptoms of teething; 

* Gums in the redness, itching, swelling, 

* An increase in salivary flow 

* Biting hard objects request 

* Loss of appetite, restlessness 

visible. Here, the mother and fathers concern for the baby to do, and compassion; 

* The babys gums with a soft cloth to clean the cold 

* Give the baby a cold teether 

* The baby under the supervision of dentists and disbursing pain relief ointments. 

Instead of the milk teeth at the thought of a new future for the neglect of maintenance is a big mistake. Milk teeth; 

proper nutrition of children 

proper development of speech 

child psychology, self-confidence and esteem 

rather than act as a placeholder for future permanent teeth cleaning is very important reasons. 

The babys mouth when the first baby teeth begin to erupt; mother with the help of a clean cheesecloth or gauze should clean the teeth after eating. 1.5-2 years of age, parental control when it comes to the aid of a small brush should be given to the child in the habit of brushing your teeth. 

Baby bottle decay in the teeth we also brown staining can be seen. Night is common in infants sleeping with a bottle. To avoid baby bottle tooth decay; 

baby baby sleep with a bottle after feeding habits should be prevented from water, drink bottle milk sugar, honey, molasses should be added. 

Innate finger sucking is a reflex. 

Finger sucking, pacifier use habits may take up to 2 to 2.5 years. However, after this age-long habit of thumb sucking can cause orthodontic problems. Finger sucking habit should be left as the latest 4.5 years. 

Complete set of milk teeth in the mouth 8 cutter, consisting of four dogs and eight molars are 20 milk teeth. 6 years behind the milk teeth permanent teeth begin to emerge. 6 wisdom teeth will fall in the upper teeth, milk teeth that we are not left behind because they are not noticed by children and their parents and are prone to decay due to not clean enough. 

It is located on the ridges and grooves of the teeth by a dentist are covered by applying fissure sealing and adhesion on the tooth decay is prevented constructive factors. In addition, topical fluoride application is made by the decay-resistant teeth. 

Tooth brushing habits acquired in childhood and protective treatments applied by the dentist to have your teeth healthy and beautiful in our hands! 


Deciduous teeth comprise organic material than normal teeth, are therefore more prone to decay, decompose more easily and quickly. 

Children, the early stages of decay can be seen as cold, warm and mild pain sensitivity interpret signals in time. In that event, however, will notice the pain so unbearable that in this case may have been too late. 

They can not pay attention to oral health care to adults and children. The childs dexterity, curiosity and attitude of parents determines tooth brushing habits. 

A mistake often made ​​especially mothers bottle or pacifier candy, jams and so on. Keep children away or sleeping dipping foods such as sugar, including milk, fruit juices and doing the exercises. Thus, due to poor nutrition becomes prone to decay teeth. 

A vaccine or medication that can completely prevent decay could not be developed yet. However, some materials are intended to reduce the number of caries are presently used, one of them; "Fissure sealant" is what we call material. 

Dental caries and küçükaz usually less than teeth, chewing on their faces, the "fissure" in the gutters start called. Material covered and mentioned grooves that region germs, etc. leftovers. caries by preventing the leakage is prevented from starting. This process lasting less than that from the age of 6 and küçükaz applied to the teeth. 

Another way to prevent caries of the teeth is to increase the resistance against decay. This resistance by the application of fluoride to the teeth surface is imparted. 

Milk teeth are a total of 20 units. 

Search of milk teeth is normal to be open. The reason for this is to provide a space for permanent teeth come into place. 

You may also caries in primary teeth. In this decay must necessarily be treated. 

Milk teeth are inflamed root canal therapy should be tried first, if not possible tooth must be pulled. 

If milk teeth pulled prematurely, do not place permanent teeth from the bottom and is made of space. 

Thus, caries in primary teeth should be treated, "anyhow, instead of a new future" must not fall into the error. 


Dental injuries in children: 


Children of teeth damaged in an accident intervened without losing time in bulunulmalıdır.çocuk dental injuries, sometimes with all of the permanent teeth can cause separation from the slot. 

In this case you should go to your dentist and the dental urgently along with. In the meantime, teeth, a glass of milk, if milk is not available, should be kept in a clean water. 

Oral care for infants: 


Infants, at least the first four months of feeding with breast milk and soft tissues around the mouth will ensure the normal development of muscle function. In cases where the mothers milk is insufficient physiological titled (palate, cut) must use the bottle. 

Infants from the age of 1 should be accustomed to feeding cups and spoons. 

Bottle-feeding can continue for up to a maximum of 2 years. Habits such as thumb sucking pacifier use 2 to 2.5 years of age to be allowed. The thumb sucking habit is present, it investigated the cause of 3 - 6 years of age do these habits should be corrected. 

Respiratory problems, have a negative impact on the development jaws. Not from the nose, mouth breathing condition only exists (in this case is better understood asleep) definitely the ear, nose and throat specialist should be consulted. 

Children should begin when brushing your teeth? 


Baby 6-8 months of age (ie, when the first teeth appear in the mouth) should begin the cleaning process. In the morning after breakfast and at night before bed teeth (at least the chewing surfaces) with a clean cheesecloth or gauze to remove the soaking, it is advisable to clean. 

Use toothbrush after the approval of the childs back teeth (average 2,5 - 3 years old) is appropriate to start. 

My babys teeth as soon as he bruised. Why might that be? 


In infants, sometimes brown spots on the teeth as soon as he is formed or broken teeth is poured it is observed. In fact, these spots are tooth decay and broken teeth due to caries as well. 

The reason for this early in a period of decay caries are also called baby bottle tooth decay. Which is the most important nutrients in infant feeding breast milk or cows milk naturally contains sugar. 

Night at bedtime or during sleep when the baby suck milk breastfeeding or bottle tooth germs accumulate in the mouth creates an environment conducive to refute. Therefore, after eating, especially at night should be given to the cleaning of the teeth. 

Your babys sleeping habits Prevent night with a bottle in his mouth. 

Try to sleep after feeding. 

Bottle of milk sugar, honey, do not add sweeteners like molasses. 

Babies do drink water after feeding. 

With the start of the first tooth riding at night and in the morning after eating clean, wipe their teeth with a wet cheesecloth. 

Baby bottle tooth decay is it important? 


Baby bottle tooth decay is not treated teeth seen LANs are painful and pus. Inflamed or sore teeth of the baby to be restless and causes deterioration of diet. Inflammation of the permanent teeth also affect the future shape of the bottom of the leads to be corrupt. 

How much toothpaste in children which should be used? 


Infancy and toothpaste use in children up to three years of age is not recommended. After three years of use toothpaste as you can see in advertisements başlanmalıdır.ancak 3-5 cm. Not a chickpea paste for scrubbing up will suffice. 

Put into operation, in the period when toothpaste, any of fluoride toothpaste is preferable. Important for the child to enjoy the love and pastes the selected request is heard. 

Than toothpaste during brushing, it is important that an effective brushing process should not forget. 



Dental Pain: 


Clean the area around the aching tooth. Subscribe gargle with warm salt water, and if food residue stuck with dental floss away. Never put on the tooth of aspirin or similar drugs. That you have tried it before your child give a painkiller and take it to a dentist as soon as possible. 

Bitten lips, tongue, lips or sideways: 


Put ice on the injured area. If you are bleeding, apply gentle pressure with a clean gauze. Bleeding does not stop within 15 minutes, contact your dentist. 

Completely if tooth Exit: 


Found female. Taken to the root as possible without touching. To a dentist until milk is an ideal environment for storing female. In the milk in a clean container preserving, go to your dentist as soon as possible. 

Milk or continuous trauma to the teeth: 


Without losing any time, contact your dentist. After the trauma of the damage grew each hour is lost. 

Your Dentist wound with warm water until clean. Apply cold compresses to that area. If any parts store broken teeth.

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