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Zircon Ceramic or gold ceramic crown

Crowns (full coverage) and why is it used? 


Again to restore a damaged tooth is a coating applied to the tooth. Aim to complement female, strengthen and maintain. Crowns can be made in the following cases, 

In the absence of dental enough support to restore a large filling, 

To avoid breakage of the weak teeth, 

As a dental implant superstructure, 

broken, misshapen or stained teeth to cover. 

For aesthetic purposes corrections 

What is the best material for crowns veneers? 


When selecting the most suitable material for you, both image and function are taken into consideration. Your dentist; placement teeth, gum tissue location, a smile appears when the amount of your teeth, and tooth discoloration in your teeth evaluate the function of a decision in this regard will be had. Crowns made ​​of various materials. 

these are; inferior to gold or alloys, porcelain (ceramic), acrylic, composite or may be a combination of all these. 

How is a crown placed? 


Kuronl process is done in several steps. If dentists, preparing as needed on your teeth and the cavities are cleaned and if portions of the thread in order to obtain a measurement is taken of the model. The resulting model will be finalized based on your crowns. When the crown is completely ready, your dentist will place after making the necessary adjustments. You and your dentist, after you are satisfied with the appearance and location of the permanent crown is affixed. 

How to take care of crowns? 


Your teeth should be brushed twice a day and floss once should be cleaned with. This cleaning operation, consisting of bacteria will eliminate plaque. The most important point on this subject in the area where your tooth and gum (sulcus) is the removal of plaque. 

Crowns to avoid breakage or other damage, avoid chewing hard foods and objects is required. Again, as in any case need to visit your dentist routinely, will extend the life of crowns. 

How is the appearance of a crown completed? 


One of the primary targets of artificial teeth that your dentist, is the analogy to natural teeth as possible. To achieve this, colors, shapes, and natural and artificial teeth biting both dimensions are taken into consideration. Any of these factors can significantly affect your appearance. As a result of this transaction, at the first session a view of how you should talk to your dentist and what to expect. 




Pre-cut teeth without metal support to people (metal), porcelain crowns applied. Made by placing porcelain crowns on Zirconium (coating) and Zirconium Ceramic and bridges formed from combining the words CERCON is referred to by name. Have a resistance of 900 MPa high physical value, light transmission feature many kinds of indications, including tissue compatibility and a new era in dentistry has begun. 


Cercon crowns, metal-backed 


Crowns affects the appearance of so many things, the most important is their response to light. 

Natural teeth light passes. As a result, the tooth depth and brightness occurs. 

Due to the properties of the opaque porcelain crowns without metal support, depth and vitality are more close to natural teeth so that results are obtained. 


FULL (TAM) ADVANTAGES of porcelain crowns 


Metal porcelain some light (disco, camera flash, etc..) In the mouth like you do not give the image a dark space. If all porcelain light like natural teeth spend all kinds. 


Full porcelain light permeable, they are very similar to natural tooth structure while creating an aesthetic, even if very well made and artificiality has an opacity in metal-porcelain. Therefore, especially for front teeth, full porcelain is preferred. 


In the lower metal support structure is not metal at the gum margin for the crown-not a dark line. Provide a more aesthetic look. 


Metal porcelain are mechanically bonded to the tooth. All porcelain is mechanically and chemically attached to teeth. Thats why conservatism is much higher compared to metal-supported. 


Against certain metals used in infrastructure (nickel, etc.). Risk of allergy that may occur is not in full porcelain. 


When gum recession, all porcelain crowns maintain their aesthetic appearance, coupled with metal porcelain teeth are in the area they create a bad image. 


Laminate coating (Laminate Veneers-dental veneers) What is? 


(Laminey, also known as laminated or laminated. = Leaf Porcelain) negatively affect your appearance in many dental disorders is a cosmetic solution that can be applied. Laminate sheets covering the front teeth with aesthetic problems as the basis, prepared layer of porcelain bonded to the front face of the tooth with a form of treatment is aimed at solving these problems. In most cases, teeth with rugged construction and a natural beauty with true color, are sufficient to provide a natural function. Laminate with a confident smile as you can! 

These coatings, which are manufactured from porcelain thin, semi-permeable layer is. Available on a tooth prepared a perfect fit and are placed with precision. With the front face of the tooth of the inner face of the coating with a special resin (an intermediate adhesive) is adhered. 

When finished, a perfect fusion is expected. 

laminate in which cases are referred to treatment? 


Laminate veneers mainly, color change, and a certain degree of removal can be made to correct manner. The main application areas can be summarized as follows: 


In coloration, bleaching (teeth whitening) results are not taken by methods such as severe antibiotic, fluorine, etc.. hereditary disorder in the structure and color of the stain, 

Discrete teeth in concatenation (diastema closure), 

Restoration of broken or worn teeth, 

Color and structure for the correction of corrupted old fillings, 

And the curve for the correction of misaligned teeth (orthodontic treatment as an alternative) may be an alternative cosmetics. 

Laminate who injure treatment? 


Almost everyone! The above reasons laminate suffering people of every age group can benefit from treatment. However, jaw disorders, nail biting, bad habits like biting pen of severe gum damage does not apply in cases where available. This is your dentist and who will make the best decision. 

Laminate stage briefly the clinical practice of treating what is it? 


First of processing your tooth is prepared, cleaned now on. Then, to obtain a complete copy of your tooth measurement is taken. Porcelain material layers to be bonded to your tooth is prepared. Finally, the adhesive system (bonding), as well as laminates with existing tooth surface residue (intermediate adhesive) is fused. 

Director of laminates long lasting? Is it durable? 


Laminates can be used without problems for years with good oral care. Because of other adhesive systems (bonding) are made of porcelain with superior properties. Are more resistant to staining and wear. To prolong their life, need to pay attention to oral care. In addition, biting too hard foods, you need to avoid bad habits like eating nails. 

What are the advantages of laminate veneers? 


Bruises, abrasions, fractures or structural abnormalities, due to the confident way in case you can not smile your teeth with this method it is possible to give a natural beauty. Previously, fillers and full coverage in such conditions, while only solution available today for new alternatives such as laminate treatment. The advantages of this new application; 

In a very short time with a little tinkering obtain a healthy and natural appearance, 

Only your teeth, nail a slot opening width (which it may not be necessary at all times) is sufficient, 

Robust, colors are produced from non-perishable and durable material. 

Without spoiling the natural structure of your teeth you wish to have your aesthetic characteristics only possible with Lamination veneer. On the teeth or changes are made to or less than the excellent results that can be achieved with a fix. The amount of 0.3-0.7 mmil already being ignored out of teeth is limited. So to cut a female ever (to be minimized) is not necessary. 

Laboratory stage is only 3-4 days of treatment. However, after this period, your lips smile in the design to adapt to the new view can be found in 3-4 weeks. During this adaptation would recommend reading exercises and some lip. your face and artificial at the end of this period, which is definitely not recognized fully integrated easily with new teeth and smile. 

You are not satisfied with the appearance of your teeth can be a design on obtaining a copy. Before having your teeth so no intervention on your teeth to create a show you can change. 

Porcelain surface will be extremely smooth and similar reasons arising from the non-staining and minimizes the formation of tartar. 

Coffee, tea, will not change color due to external factors such as smoking. 

As the material is very brittle. However, when positively bonded to enamel, resistance to stretching and pulling force is too high. For example, a stuck tooth veneer is not possible to remove all. However, eroding removed from the tooth surface with diamond burs. 

Resistance to abrasion is high. 

What are the disadvantages of laminate veneers? 


According to other restoration has advantages in terms of health provision. However, the system is slightly more expensive compared to others. 

It is a sensitive technique. Requires a good clinical and laboratory studies. Dentists and dental technicians on the subject of technical knowledge and artistic talents must be the full. 


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