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Orthodontics, dental-maxillo-facial region to prevent disorders related to; available to stop the progression and treatment of disorders, however a good aesthetics and function (biting, chewing, talking, laughing) is the science that aims to provide. Orthodontist who specializes in these matters to the dentist is called. 

Orthodontic DISORDERS What causes it? 


1 - preventive medicine could have benefited from the opportunities provided to patients; for example, decay in baby teeth "will change anyhow" logic untreated, teeth pulled prematurely, flourl protective practices, and fissures may have been overlooked. 


2 - Genetic factors: skeletal disorders, especially in patients with a similar strain in the past as to whether the anomaly is important. Hereditary tooth loss, narrow upper jaw, the child now çapraşıklıkproblem also be hereditary. In this case, the emergence of orthodontic problems are unavoidable. What to do if; milk dentition of children starting regular dentist is to take control. 


3 - Ear-nose-throat problems (inflammation of the tonsils, nasal and adenoid presence of constant mouth 

respiration, etc.) can be a barrier in the formation of the jaw bone and tooth eruption 

can create disturbances. 


4 - Bad habits: thumb sucking, pacifier or bottle use for a long time, language 

sucking, lip sucking, bad habits like biting pen in the teeth and jaw structure 

may cause orthodontic problems. 


5 - Teeth grinding or fall as a shock may be due to trauma. 


6 - Some orthodontic problems can cause muscle disorders. 

WHY do we need to Orthodontic Treatment? 


Located perplexed and bad teeth, brushing if youre brushing how exactly is difficult to clean. Food debris between the teeth remain strong and therefore often caught between the teeth decay and gum disease are at high risk. This type of bone loss in gum and dental problems at an early age are at risk of being lost. 


Also closing disorders, jaw muscles, causing more pressure; Temporomandibular joint problems and thus headaches, back and shoulder pain can cause. Misaligned teeth, causing it to look aesthetically undesirable. Therefore laughing A common result is the closure of the mouth. 


Developmental or congenital problems occurring in the jaws of the facial aesthetic is very much affected and can cause psychological problems in patients. In addition, this type of malocclusion individuals fully kapatamayıp mouth biting, chewing, breathing problems live. These problems in various parts of the body (stomach, heart ... etc..) Can lead to many problems. 


Orthodontics, as well as ear-nose-throat specialist, working with the patients nasal breathing can contribute to make. Plastic surgeons or oral surgeons in adult patients with skeletal solving problems, cleft lip and palate in the treatment of infants and children are working partners. 


Basically the main objectives of orthodontic treatment; improvement of chewing function, speech function, improvement of oral hygiene helps to ensure better aesthetics and ensuring patients by increasing confidence in the community is to provide psychological support. 


Orthodontic treatment only your dentist or orthodontist can determine your need. Comprehensive medical and dental history, your oral and dental examination, jaw models are generated and some special X-rays and your photo as the withdrawal of many diagnostic method comprising the examination after orthodontic treatment needs Whether you have and do the type of treatment can be determined. 

In particular situations should not be late; 

  Face and jaw structure is not stable 

  mouth breathing 

  Thumb sucking, nail biting, cheek - bad habits like biting lips 

  Teat and use for a long time 

  Difficulty in chewing and speech 

  Excessive jaw positioned ahead or behind buildings 

  Ahead positioned teeth (protruding) 

  Perplexed, located in the wrong place or in the mouth with no teeth that are not included (impacted) teeth 

  Early or late loss of milk teeth 

WHAT AGE SHOULD BE MADE Orthodontic Treatment? 


Orthodontic treatment can be applied at any age. However, the jaws of concern, especially if there are problems, to be able to benefit from growth and development of children entering puberty before full (10-12 years) should be brought to the examination. 

The growth and development of children aged 5-6 in the early detection of problems that could disrupt the orthodontic examination is very useful to. In some cases the problem early detection, even though orthodontist children at regular intervals to control calling for treatment at the appropriate time bekleyebilir.b age can be applied in protective and preventive orthodontic treatment through future comprehensive treatment will involve disorders, relatively simple and brief interventions can be avoided. chin deformity if not treated at an early stage, after 18 years of combined orthodontic and orthognathic surgery be corrected with treatment. 

Preventive Orthodontic Treatment 


The purpose of preventive treatments can take up enough room for permanent teeth are prepared properly. The purpose of this early loss of deciduous teeth in place protecting the placeholder is being prepared. Also pediatric dentist followed by children susceptible to dental caries is recommended. 

Preventive Orthodontic Treatment 


Bad habits; thumb sucking, abnormal swallowing, to avoid problems that may develop due to such factors or to make room for permanent teeth can be prepared a variety of mobile devices. 

The mobile device usually before puberty early are used in treatment. Single tooth irregularities, thumb sucking, tongue sucking, infantile swallowing (infancy to swallow), upper or lower jaw for the correction of problems such as shortness of ... usually only applied to the jaw are the beneficiaries of removable appliances. Applied to both the lower and upper jaw expansion about 1 year of treatment expansion is ongoing and separately for upper and lower jaw, respectively, are making use of removable appliances. Tooth size, jaw size incompatibility with the early age (8-10) is applied in order to resolve routine inspection time is 1-1.5 months. 


Newborn cleft lip and palate babies with the most important needs nutritional function, to ensure immediately after birth, made at regular intervals to be renewed baby plates, slotted baby in the future will spend surgeries success in is very important. 


Both teeth on both jaws when creating a treatment plan; our patients age and the severity of the anomaly is extremely important. If you have applied to us during the growth and development of our patients and the location of the mismatch between upper and lower jaw, if the patients growth and development, to be used with some devices, directing some of the problems that will occur in the face of development we can provide the solution. 


The upper or lower jaw is ahead or behind in skeletal problems involving single jaw or both jaws are yaralanmakt of appliances. With this apparatus, in some cases, applied outside the mouth is to use some of the heaters. 



Of caries in the primary teeth and premature withdrawal of the milk teeth; orthodontic disorders, permanent teeth within the jaw bone is a proven fact caused to remain buried. Milk teeth, from the 6 months after birth, they begin to take in a certain order, and about 2.5 year-old child would have all the milk teeth erupt. A total of 20 milk teeth in upper and lower jaw units, will remain in the mouth until the age of 6. From this period until the age of 12 all the milk teeth, in order to leave their place of permanent teeth. This great period of change that occurs in deciduous teeth caries and early loss of deciduous teeth, the teeth located in the back than moving into this space as a result of crowding and can cause permanent teeth remain impacted by süreme. Therefore, remain in the mouth in a healthy manner of primary teeth are very important. 

Orthodontic disorders in the formation of milk dentition status alone is not responsible. Orthodontic problems in genetically from parents to children or older family members can be passed. Furthermore, insufficient breast milk in infancy or bottle feeding and pacifier use for inaccuracies made​​; childhood finger sucking, lip sucking, mouth breathing, such as language training and orthodontic problems can lead to bad habits. Mouth breathing problems that are preventing nasal breathing if the case, in order to eliminate them is made with ear-nose-throat specialist. 

Fixed orthodontic treatment: 


Even after the permanent teeth and orthodontic adhesive residues on your teeth during treatment through removal of the brackets and the brackets are made with wire. These wires exert force to the teeth. Thus, gradually moving the teeth are caused to be positioned properly. Treatment may take several months or several years of improvement in dental and adjustments made each month is guaranteed to be in the desired manner. The brackets used today, lighter and contains less metal. In order to motivate children and adults in a variety of colors are produced as transparent. Also called the lingual technique and palate and the tongue side of the teeth that are applied to the surfaces of the bracket systems are also available. After installing the brackets uncomfortable for a few days is normal. Your teeth tongue and lips tingle and wires may itch. Take 1-2 weeks, although most uncomfortable wires when changing or adjusting the gene may be mild pain. Your doctor will advise you to spend Pain can use any painkillers. 

lingual Treatment 


One method of treatment is constant. The biggest advantage of this treatment for patients, we used for the treatment of fixed appliances that are glued onto the teeth, lips side to side is not in the language. Thus, nothing will not appear on the teeth. 


Which is very aesthetic treatment, the treatment duration, applied from the vestibule is being fixed according to the treatments take a little longer, the biggest problem faced by the patient is a speech disorder. Appliances is on the tongue side, while the sounds of the apparatus will appear to crash into the t s d as some of the letters would be too difficult phonation. May be mild irritation at the tip of the tongue also. Patients they may cover a period of 6 months to get used to. 

This method is a method a bit more expensive than others. 

Orthodontic treatment of patients are required to comply the rules? 


1 - Before you begin orthodontic treatment, treating decayed teeth and gums should be brought to the full healthy condition. 


2 - Treatment of orthodontic specialists, puts an apparatus that applies to patients according to diagnosis. These appliances are either retractable or fixed type. 

  Implemented a removable appliance types except the meals on a regular basis, day and night insertion (including sleep) are required. Our teeth removed plug appliances such as toothbrush and toothpaste after every meal and thoroughly brushed and cleaned. Appliances must not be lost otherwise treatment will delay or even definitely will go back. 

  Applications and that do not qualify as fixed appliances (brackets) is made in the same way the teeth should be brushed after every meal beautifully. Regular tooth brushing is very important. In patients undergoing orthodontic treatment increases the incidence of caries and does not provide adequate clearance around the white-colored spots may occur bracket. Brackets around the brushing process should be continued until there is accumulation. Dental health is also dependent on your brushing your teeth. 


3 - from very acidic drinks (Coke, Fanta, soda, etc.) do you stay away because such drinks to the wire as well as damaging to your teeth will increase the risk of decay. 


4 - Very sticky and very sweet (gum, delight, caramel, jelly, etc.) foods you consume. This style of food brackets will remain and can not be cleaned easier to rot your teeth and gums may lead to growth. 


5 - Very rigid rules that must be followed in the consumption of food is concerned. For example, apples, pears and other fruits, carrot, cucumber-like biting hard not change the shape of the consumption of food into small pieces or grate with the back teeth should eat. Shelled nuts, chips etc. If you need to consume foods that are kind of hard. While changing the shape of the consumption of healthy food, junk food as 

that can be considered food should be avoided. 


6 - Orthodontic Teeth necessarily be scrubbed with brushes and interdental brushes, dental floss should be used in appropriate cases. Take your toothbrush wherever you go, so you can clean your teeth when you are not at home. 


7 - After applying Bracket tenderness and pain in the teeth, inner cheeks slight injuries (pamukcuk or after the other with the name) can. These complaints will disappear within a week to ten days. You can take painkillers to reduce complaints and can use the special candles. 


8 - Physicians must adhere carefully to the recommendations during the checks. 


9 - Your checks will be during the treatment period of 4-5 weeks. In order to achieve the goal of your treatment you will need to disrupt your appointments. 


10 - Appliance fracture, rupture, or mouth come in adhering to treatment if device is interrupted. In such cases, you should consult your doctor. 


11 - Consolidation therapy should not be shown in the tedium; applied to the device to be protected. 


Consolidate TREATMENT 


Orthodontic treatment of active and passive are two stages; 


a) Active Treatment; Used in order to eliminate existing disorders obtained by moving or fixed appliances, is the stage correction of the teeth and jaws. 


b) Passive Treatment; With active treatment stages that need to maintain state is obtained. Passive object of treatment, properly brought to the location of the position of the teeth and jaws again to return to the old location of new bone formation around the teeth and muscles need to be passed to the adaptation to the new position is to maintain proper position in time. At least 6 months or 1 year, and lifetime treatment may require reinforcement. 


1 Hawley plates 


Practice are the oldest record. This plaque on the teeth in the palate and an acrylic parts are thicker wire. After active orthodontic treatment compared to treatment by a physician must be installed within the time specified. Time is reduced cessation. 


2 Essix plates 


Today more thin, comfortable, and esthetical Essix transparent plates are preferred. patient 

cooperation is extremely good. They are not certain, and they affect phonation days 

may be employed freely within. 


3 are fixed Retainer 


Pasted to the inner surface of the teeth with very fine teeth special wires are connected and active 

The new position of the teeth after orthodontic treatment brought new bone is formed in 

not far removed. The patient is not bothered by this wire. Because it does not appear from the outside as well as 

does not bother to include the language. This residence time of the wire is dependent on the treatment.

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