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What are Dental Implants? 

Implants, missing teeth in order to restore function and aesthetics, and placed in the jawbone 

zam with artificial teeth made ​​from titanium artificial tooth root that is fused with the jaw and palate bone and is the best alternative to natural tooth root. According to conventional bridges and dentures better speech and chewing function, while at the same time provides a natural look to the face aesthetically. 


Implant treatment process 

1-2 days in standard cases in implant surgery in our clinic are realizing the DentEuropa. Accordingly a new method or conventional welded seamless operation is performed by using the method. This issue will be explained to you before you start your treatment. 


Phase 1: Placing the implant 

After you prepare your treatment plan will perform implant surgery. Our patients who need prescriptions written for drugs. Our patient is given an appointment for a final check. Compared with the effects of post-operative dental implant can grind. 

After this stage of the implant to fuse with the jawbone of a minimum four-month recovery period (osseointegration) begins. During this process, the patient should definitely fed with liquid and soft food and all kinds of pressure from the implant site is very good and is carefully protected. 


Step 2: Prosthesis Fitting 

Osseointegration process after completion of the treatment of this second stage initially implant superstructures (abutment) attaching prosthetic or coating will seat floor is prepared and then sent to a lab for measurements alınır.ortal: 2 or 3 proofing after one to two weeks, new teeth attached. 

Here we mentioned a few alternative therapies in the treatment process than the process can offer. 

Please consult us for we can offer an alternative. The first control will try to find the best solutions for you. 


Edentulous jaw; 

Before the invention of the implant to fully edentulous jaws were not able to wear hard teeth. Today, this problem has been solved with implant surgery. Implants and fixed bridges can be made. In terms of aesthetics and use of this method is quite good solution, the patients life experience provides great comfort. Traditional dentures are held only by the gum. With implants and dentures can be stabilized to prevent the fall while eating or talking. 


the result: 

Click through and slip-free while eating, talking or making teeth. As such, not all cases are mostly palatine teeth 7-8, 6-7 implants into the jaw bone is made. 


Gums and bone parodontitis mostly because it was damaged. 

In such advanced disease until a few years ago for both physicians and patients, and to reconstruct the bone to stop the decline was a dream. Thanks to new medical science now this dream has become a reality today. New surgical medical science and scientifically proven methods have been successful. 


Bone Addition 

In order to place an implant bone jaw or bead having a predetermined height and width dimensions is required. Areas are particularly problematic as the palate. Tooth loss and bone resorption in this region as a result of natural bone to implant height required is reduced. 

Modern periodontics special padding for extra mataryel uses bone. It has been likened to fill mataryel structure of human bone. Bone addition, according to pave the implant is to be inserted. 


How do I apply to implant a care? 

New teeth, you should care the same as your own natural teeth easily. Again, you should go regularly to the dentist and oral hygiene controls must be careful. 

Maintenance of normal daily maintenance recommendations for your application will be sufficient. Every six months, do not forget to go to the dentist. 


Used Implant Systems 

In denteuropa absolutely sterile implants, high hygiene environments provided it is installed. Implant surgery with local anesthesia and is performed in accordance with the rules of hygiene. 




The factors that play an important role in the selection of artificial teeth: 

- The protection of the natural face shape: 

Tooth loss occurs as a result of aging, so after osteoporosis. Dental implants are preventing this process. 

- Implants have the function of natural teeth because they increase the ability to chew. 

- Aesthetic appearance with quality of life also increases. 

- Method of choosing implants compared to other prostheses can eat more natural, can speak, and rose may be internal. For these reasons, artificial teeth than oneself safe and comfortable 

makes you feel. You can get pleasure from the food you eat. 

- Implants can be a good solution for the long term. The longevity of the implant can not be given exactly. Implant in the mouth was found to be 30 years. The lifetime of the implant is dependent on many factors. Good care of the health of patients and implants can give examples. 

- Increased self-reliance. 

Thanks to the new hard your teeth increases your confidence and with it you will see that your quality of life. 

Your doctor will enlighten you on all the issues

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