After your dental treatment has finished,
we arrange a certificate of guarantee:

- For the implants (10 years)
- For the ceramic crowns of noble metal (gold) (10 years)
- For the ceramic crowns / bridges (5 years)
- For the fillings (2 years)

Implants typically contain 10-year warranty, but in these conditions comes from the warranty:

. If the mouth cleaning is not performed correctly. (Daily 6 minutes brush and rinse for 1 minute with mouthwash).
. If once in the scaling is not done. (This must be certified with the stamp of an EU Dentist)
. In the first 14 days after implantation: The use of tobacco products.
. After the first 14 days of implantation, when more than 5 cigarettes a day is used.
. With Systemic diseases (eg paradentosis, diabetes, heart, blood disorders, high-dose radiation therapy, psychiatric treatment, hypertension, hematological diseases eg,)
. When car accidents and other damage ..
. When occurring gum diseases such as paradentosis, genetics, stress, pregnancy and diseases because of not properly performed oral cleaning occur.
. In some patients the night in his sleep (and sometimes morning) gnash their teeth and not using night splint. Scientifically, it is accepted that the gingival recessions in the first year of 1 - 1.5 mm occur, and in the next 10 years, again 1 to 1.5 mm. There are 4 typical jaw bone. (I-II-III-IV), the losses are usually put in the IV and III.typ. Here I was also informed that it scientifically well accepted, is that 5% of the implants can be lost.

Before the teeth are replaced, it is confirmed by our clinic and shown to the patient (the color of teeth, tooth size for example) After the confirmation of the patient, the teeth are fixed.

If you have any any subsequent problems, please call immediately DentEuropa. Depending on the type of problems we will fix you an appointment in our dental clinic in Karlsruhe, or you would have to come directly to Turkey again. We accept the hotel costs for Turkey, where the problem is due from us.

* The treatments are not completely paid, have no guarantees.

Send your X-ray film


Send your X-ray film

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