In Istanbul there are two airports. The first one is Sabiha Gokcen Int. Airport (Anatolian side) and the second one is Ataturk Int. Airport (European side). Book your plane ticket, if possible, to Sabiha Gokcen Int. Airport, which our free transfer service is available for.

The price list below is valid for patients who have received their medical treatments in Istanbul and wish to have warranty services in DentEuropa London.
The prices includes hotel support and pick-up from the airport.


DentEuropa Prices to İstanbul Prices to London
Consultation and X-RAY 25.-GBP 40.-GBP
Implant – Nucleoss( German certificate) 400.-GBP 650.-GBP
Nucleoss dental abutment Free Free
İmplant – Straumann (Switzerland cetificate) 725.-GBP 950.-GBP
Straumann dental abutment 40.-GBP 100.-GBP
Bone Graft(per jaw) 300.-GBP 450.-GBP
Sinus Lifting (per sinus) 500.-GBP 700.-GBP
Ceramic crown 100.-GBP 200.-GBP
Zircon crown 190.-GBP 350/400.-GBP
Ceramic Crown over precious Metal(%2 Gold) 300.-GBP 450.-GBP
Ceramic Crown over precious Metal (%85 Gold) 375.-GBP 550.-GBP
Veneer (per veneer) 190.-GBP 350.-GBP
Dental prothesis with clips 700.-GBP 1.000.-GBP
Provisional prosthesis 100.-GBP 200.-GBP
Bleaching 200.-GBP 300.-GBP
Rooth treatment (for 1 rooth) 50.-GBP 100.-GBP
Rooth treatment (for 2 rooth) 100.-GBP 150.-GBP
Rooth treatment (for 3 rooth) 150.-GBP 200.-GBP
Dental composite filling 50.-GBP 75.-GBP
Extraction 50.GBP 75.-GBP
Complicated tooth extraction 100.-GBP 150.-GBP
Scaling 50.-GBP 75.-GBP
Orthodontics Treatment :    
Traditional braces    
- Put on and finish at Istanbul 1.100.-GBP  
- Put on at İstanbul and finish at London 2.250.-GBP  
- Put on and finish at London 3.000.-GBP  
Esthetic braces     
- Put on and finish at Istanbul 1.750.-GBP  
- Put on at İstanbul and finish at London 3.000.-GBP  
- Put on and finish at London 4.000.-GBP  
- Put on and finish at Istanbul 3.500.-GBP  
- Put on and finish at London 6.000.-GBP  


Send your X-ray film


Send your X-ray film

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