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Futurepay Payments via Worldpay

Futurepay Payments via Worldpay is a Recurring Payment online agreement and arranged online, similar to Standing Orders and Direct Debits, but funds can be debited from your debit or credit card.

Recurring Payment (FuturePay) agreements may be set up to obtain payment on a repeat or regular basis for ongoing subscriptions and memberships, or payment by instalment for the products / services the online store sells. As agreed with the individual, normal circumstances will see an annual subscription fee split into 12 monthly amounts in monthly payment and set up as such.

Making Payments

Once your agreement has been set up, payments will automatically be collected according to the type of agreement. The agreement may be set up to take an immediate or a delayed payment.

Each time a payment is debited from your card or bank account as part of your agreement, a transaction confirmation email is generated by our system and sent to the email address we have on record for you entered when your agreement was created.

If your card expires or if a payment is not authorised, we will send you an email to you to inform you of the steps you need to take within our Shopper Management System to resolve the issue.

 Agreement Types

We offer two types of Recurring Payment (FuturePay) agreement:

  1. Regular agreements: this type of agreement is used to pay set or variable amounts at regular, fixed intervals over a specific time. This is typically used, for example, to pay for a monthly subscription.
  • Limited agreements: this type of agreement is used to pay set or variable amounts at non-fixed intervals. You can agree limits with the online store on the total amount payable, the interval between payments and the maximum amount per payment. This type of agreement is typically used by shoppers who make repeated purchases from a website, as it allows you to be billed for separate purchases without having to re-enter your card details each time. It can also be used to pay for goods or services that are paid for on a pay-per-access or pay-per-use basis.

Cancel your Futurepay payments

Please contact DentEuropa London on 020 8300 7659 or email

Alternatively you can cancel the FuturePay agreement yourself (Membership will be immeadiatly terminated and any outstanding monies owed will be payable) log into the WorldPay Administration Server with your username and password at:

This will give you access to your agreement details. Go down to Customer FuturePay Agreements and click where it says 'Change Details'. In the bottom right hand corner you will see a button saying 'Cancel'. Click this and confirm. You will then receive an e-mail confirming that your agreement/subscription has been cancelled.

Once confirmed, your agreement will then be cancelled. You will get conformation of this on screen, and also be notified via e-mail. No more payments will be taken for this agreement.





1. Registration name : DentEuropa Ltd.

2. Place of registration : London / UK

3. Registered office address : 300A Bath Road , TW47DN- Hounslow

4. Registered number : 10616565

DentEuropa Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN 915721. We act as a credit broker, not a lender and offer finance from multiple lenders. We are registered with Companies House at 300A Bath Road, Hounslow, London, England, TW4 7DN. Company Number 10616565FAQs

Visit the Worldpay website for FAQs about Futurepay payments at:

Alternatively, for queries about your order, please contact DentEuropa London on 020 8300 7659 or email


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Send your X-ray film

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